Colour Coded Filing

To simplify your filing needs Ronen also offers a variety of folders and colour code series. Ronen Systems has all the items required to organize filing from folder to colour code labels and accessories. Shown below are examples of different filing systems using many of these products. Colour codes are available to match other manufacturers' colours and styles.

Alpha Numeric

With Colour Code Filing:

- Spotting misfiles is easy. If the colour pattern is broken, the folder
has been filed in the wrong place.
- Save 50% of filing time (Money Saved) !
- Misfiles are reduced (Money Saved) !
- Finding files is faster (Money Saved) !

1Alphabetical Colour Coding . .
Code 2 or 3 letters. First 2 letters of last name. Add the first letter of the first name to break up large last name folder groupings.

3Alpha-Numeric Colour Coding . .
Folders are filed in alphabetical sequence. A numerical sequence is added within the alphabetical section. Notice the misfile...

2Straight Numeric Colour Coding . .
All files are numbered and filed in numerical sequence (12345, 12346, 12347, etc.) Using double digit labels instead of two single labels for the last two digits can also save coding space and money.


4Terminal Digit Colour Coding . .
Large, active systems using colour code folders (25,000 folders or more) are filed by 100 section groupings, then by two digit colour code groupings. EXAMPLE: The last two (45), the middle two (23) and the first two (01). The file system grows and reduces equally in 100 places...

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