Green Policy

At Ronen we recognize the importance of a sustainable earth and believe that it is the responsibility of every company and every individual to assess the impact of their business practices on the environment, and to implement sound policies throughout their process and daily operation.

The following is an overview of some of things we have implemented to help improve our environment.

. Installed new energy efficient lighting
. Installed programmable thermostat with multi time of day and days of the week settings
. Customer letter mail correspondence has been replaced by email communication where possible
. Reuse cardboard packaging when possible and recycle all remaining cardboard packaging
. Scrap metals, aluminum cans and plastics are recycled
. Employees recycle paper at each workstation
. Printer ink cartridges/toners are taken to a recycling facility
. Obsolete electronic equipment is donated or taken to a recycling facility
. Continually look for new ways to conduct a greener business

As well as our own internal efforts, Ronenís suppliers are also committed to improving the environment.
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