Case Style Library Systems

This is the one solution for all your library storage applications. Heavy Duty construction assures years of quality performance yet offers an appearance that fits in with any decor. Importantly, Library shelving offers unique expandability at any time without tools for the ever changing needs of growing libraries. Incredibly durable, easily accessible, attractively designed. The Case Style Library System is the efficient solution to all your library needs. With its unique interlocking keyhole slot design, shelf supports are secured to the inside wall, leaving a smooth clean appearance. Case Style can be easily expanded as your shelf needs grow. Available in a range of colours with a full line of accessories.

More Value, Less Space

Case Style construction offers a cost savings of up to 40% over cantilever shelving. Plus, valuable space is gained over this type of shelving by eliminating the need for wider bottom base to balance the unit.

Functional As Well As Attractive

The overbend design of the shelf lip hides shelf supports while the double wall construction of its uprights conceals keyhole slots to present a clean, attractive appearance that complements any library decor. The flush interior to the end panel also prevents books from slipping behind uprights obscuring the titles. Add the option of fabric or laminate wrapped end panels to create an attractive, pleasing environment with all the functions you'll ever use.

Expands As Your Needs Change

By simply connecting additional uprights and shelves to your existing installation, you can meet your growing needs easily without tools. Individual shelves can also be adjusted easily as well, usually without disrupting shelves above or below.

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