Cream lateral mobile shelving in Toronto

Stak-N-Lok™ tiers offer fold-up, locking retractable doors for security.


Specializing in High Density Mobile Shelving in Toronto

TrakSlider™ High Density Lateral Mobile Shelving Systems can more than double storage capacity by converting stationary files into moveable systems that require just a fraction of the original floor space.

A variety of configurations offers a wide range of space-saving storage possibilities

Modular track allows for easy expansion of stationary shelving to a BiSlider, a BiSlider to a TriSlider and a TriSlider to a QuadSlider. Track can also be expanded laterally to increase storage capacity.

4Post™ adjustable shelves provide flexibility to store everything from file folders to inventory.


Have budget constraints? Start with a couple of stationary shelves and as your filing requirements increase, simply add some track and movable shelves to create a BiSlider. As more filing is required, add another row of track and shelves to create a TriSlider™. Finally, to realize full maximum space savings, add one more row of track to create a QuadSlider.

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Specializing in High Density Mobile Shelving in Toronto

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