LapTop Cart™
  The LapTop Cart™ provides a safe and easy way to transport and store numerous laptops for school, government, training, or corporate applications.

Designed with input from tech coordinators and educators, the Intellerum LapTop Cart™ by Datum, provides a secure environment to store and charge laptops and other peripherals while still remaining mobile.

  Key Features

Security: The reinforced tambour door can accommodate a padlock or combination lock to secure the contents of the cart. The three-point locking rear access panel limits access to electrical components and timer so IT configurations remain secure.

Convenience: The translucent tambour doors allow for visual inventory and charging status verification while the cart is closed and locked.

Safety: Charging 30 laptop computers at one time combined with the power demands of existing laptop battery technology can overload a typical 15 amp circuit. All LapTop Storage Carts are uniquely equipped with a timing device that automatically switches the AC power supply from one power strip to the other so not to overload a circuit.

  Intellerum LapTop Carts

# CSC-PC20UL 20 capacity
# CSC-PC26UL 26 capacity
# CSC-PC32UL 32 capacity

Compartment size for each laptop is 1-7/8"W x 17"D x 12-3/4"H

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