LapTop Depot™
  Need easy access and permanent laptop security? Quick loading and unloading? The LapTop Depot is the answer. Intellerumís LapTop Depot by Datum offers easy access and fast laptop deployment.

When you need to store only a few laptops at a time, the LapTop Depot is the product for you. Rather than having one line to load and unload with a cart, you can have a couple of Depots through out the room and shorter lines giving you more time for instruction! Secure your laptops and diminish traffic.

Key Features

Capacity Options: Choose from a LapTop Depot, 5, 8, or 10 to best fit your laptop security needs.

Mounting Options: LapTop Depot an be permanently mounted virtually anywhere. We also have a pedestal and cart version for a mobile solution.

Charging Included: Each Depot includes a power strip to charge laptops when not in use.

Cable Management: The Depot offers our patent pending Power Management Divider to keep power cords in their place. Additionally the Depot dividers are compatible with our LapTop Carts.

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