LapTop Lockers


The LapTop Locker™ is a heavy-duty constructed locking box designed to help prevent theft of your valuable laptop computer. In addition to deterring would-be thieves, the LapTop locker also prevents unwanted access to your confidential information - something you can't say about cable locks!

Insurance often covers the replacement costs of your laptop, but unfortunately, not the information on it.


The LapTop Locker™ can be mounted horizontally under a desk for convenient secure storage of your laptop.



The LapTop Locker™ is a sound investment for high traffic area college dorms. It's bad enough when CD's seem to walk away on their own let alone your $2,000 laptop which includes the only copy of your final marketing project.

The LapTop Locker™ is one more value-added service that the hotels can offer their customers to ensure their piece of mind if they wish to leave their laptop behind in the room. The Laptop Locker™ can also be used to store other valuables like passports or cash.

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